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“There is no second chance to make a first impression”… says an old adage. This holds true for anyone who is assigned to making presentations in writing or orally before an audience.

HQBS aims at providing business software for scholars, practitioners, managers, and leaders who strive for more effectiveness and efficiency in today’s fast changing world. Usual team meetings, for example, offer tremendous room for improvements of bottom line figures. Imagine, just by multiplying the time spent for prep work, leading and managing teams, progress reporting and so forth with the number of people involved in such processes points at dormant potentials for efficiency increases and cost reductions.

HQBS is not the usual online software shop offering a vast number of known and unknown packages where people have to figure out for themselves whether certain software performances fit a problem to be solved. Here, at HQBS, we use the software recommended for scholarly and business applications on a daily basis and would be pleased to share our insights with you.

Helmut Quirxtner

Business Applications: HQIC – Helmut Quirxtner International Consulting / HQIR - Helmut Quirxtner International Representation
Scholarship Application: Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) candidate at University of Phoenix, USA, School of Advanced Studies