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HQIC Introduction

Various business cases show that employees at all levels of the corporate hierarchy work to full capacity. Even the most dedicated and eagerly performing ones find it difficult to deal with managerial tasks beyond their daily assignments and routines. Well-educated and experienced management consultants not only add capacity to duty-overloaded managers and leaders but they bring “out-of-the-box” thinking into the organization. Often, they adopt the role of the “devil’s advocate” to simulate and anticipate future reactions of the market place and other stakeholders. Thus, vision, mission, and, strategies can be tested before implementation. Constant change is a given. Leading and managing change is a prerequisite for sustainable growth and a long-term view of organizations.

We – our team of business policy, financial, controlling, law, marketing, and, organizational behaviour specialists – look forward to hearing from you.

Helmut Quirxtner

There are three kinds of organizational leaders

  1. Leaders who make things happen
  2. Leaders who watch things happen, and
  3. Leaders who wonder what happened (Idiom, n.d.)

HQIC is a new Management and Leadership Consulting group consisting of knowledge-based teams and skilled advisors who have strong knowledge in the international business arena. HQIC was founded to assist leaders and managers to convert vision into action plans and implementation processes. Based upon HQIC’s credo


HQIC is dedicated to assist leaders in making things happen! We look forward to hearing from you. Please fill out the registration form to get access to our tab contents.